OPEX, What is it ?

OPEX is a simple way to benefit from an ultra-comprehensive website adapted to your needs, payable by subscription. The minimum subscription period is six months.
You suspend your activity ? You notify us by e-mail or phone call: your subscription is suspended but your data is kept. Do you resume your activity? everything goes back as before.
And if you decide to migrate to a standard pack, you get 30% off.
All inclusive Services
Throughout the duration of your subscription, you benefit from a priority technical support and all the modifications to bring on your site are supported by KOLNOA.
OPEX... for whom ?
OPEX is primarily aimed at organization and companies preferring to manage operational costs rather than fixed assets. This trend, which is widely used today for leased company vehicles, also applies through KOLNOA to websites.
Monthly Fees:
€ 350

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Unlimited # of Web Pages
  • Maintenance Included
  • SEO Assistance
  • Personalized E-mail
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Protected Database
  • E-payment
  • Traffic stats & analytics
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