Mobiles Applications

A Mobile App is a standalone program designed to work on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or touch pad. A Mobile App is not technically comparable to a website which is work on a browser and installed on a desktop computer. A website can not interact with other components of your smartphone or tablet. The mobile application has access to all the features of these devices: GPS, gyroscope, camera, etc. Like any program, it must be downloaded beforehand to be installed.
Mobile Apps for Everything
There are many kind of applications: games, social networks, email, utilities, news and professional applications. It is in this last category that KOLNOA will bring all its know-how whatever the targeted mobile platform, IOS (Apple) or ANDROID. In addition, with KOLNOA, you benefit from priority technical support for all updates to your Mobile application.
Mobile Apps... for whom ?
Mobile Apps are mainly aimed at companies and businesses preferring to offer services to nomadic users. Indeed the mobile application will always present a suitable content and integrated with the ergonomics of a smartphone. Some do not necessarily require internet connection.
Mobile APPS
€ 500

  • Available on Play Store for Android
  • Available on App Store for iOS
  • Interconnected to any Database
  • Gesture interface
  • GPSCompatible
  • Integrated Camera Management
  • Tablet compatible
  • Automated updates
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